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American Civil Liberties Union

Fighting Racism. Reimagining Policing. When the Constitution was written, “We the People” did not mean all of us. Slavery created a legacy of oppression for Black people that is woven into our institutions today — from education and health care to the criminal legal system. We need structural reform to dismantle the deep-seated racism and inequity that permeates our institutions...

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Right to Counsel

For too many people in America, access to effective counsel is treated as a privilege for the few instead of a constitutional right guaranteed for all. CLRP is working to ensure each person accused of a crime has access to an attorney at every critical stage of criminal proceedings. Far too often, defendants are forced to appear at key hearings...

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First Amendment and Religious Organizations

The First Amendment and Religious Organizations group has handled significant issues in courts and administrative hearings across the country at all levels, including the United States Supreme Court. These constitutional and civil rights issues have related to the rights of religious organizations, free speech and free press, protests, defamation defense, civil rights violations and land use and zoning ordinances for...

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Center for Constitutional Rights

In our call for justice in the anti-Black killings occurring around the country, we must state clearly the vectors of anti-poor discrimination, queerphobia, transphobia, fatphobia, and ableism that disproportionately put our community in harm’s way. We are committed to confronting and dismantling institutions founded on these white supremacist ideals. Read Article to Me (Mobile Version) Source URL: Read More The...

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